The Loved Before team is spread across the country – grandmothers, granddaughters, vintage collectors, over- spenders, size shufflers and shape shifters. All of them want their beloved pieces shared, loved and worn by others – when they can no longer be worn by themselves.    So here they are for you……….

One feature of the Loved Before site we hope you will find especially useful is the selection of Garment Keys we have designed and provide.  Buying clothing from the internet can be a risky business – will it fit?!!    The Loved Before Garment Keys show standard “rag trade” measurement points, so you can measure yourself and refer to the measurements we have provided for each Loved Before piece.

We take our curatorial lead from Chinchilla Snood, who has been acquiring and passing on fabulous clothing and style tips since before most of us were born.

If you wish Miss Snood or someone from our team to assess some of your own pieces to sell for you on commission, we offer a confidential service and will make a discreet visit to view your treasures.  Just email or telephone - details are on our Contact Us page.


Designer and Bespoke with Provenance

From time to time we offer bespoke items or very high quality designer pieces with Provenance.  We are currently featuring the Heriot Collection. Peggy Heriot was a model for Sir Hardy Amies from the late 1930s - with him at Lachasse, the House of Worth and later at Hardy Amies’ own atelier. She bought and commissioned bespoke pieces throughout her life, spotting and buying from up and coming designers. Peggy’s love of beautiful clothes and accessories continued throughout her life and the team here at Loved Before are delighted to be able to offer some of her lovingly cared for pieces for sale.